Chris Jensen

London trained, Dr Chris Jensen brings an international flavour to the Ipswich Osteopathy team. Travelling to the UK initially for travel and to work as a head chef, Chris rediscovered a passion for human movements which led him to studying at the London School of Osteopathy. Having completed his studies, Chris holds a Masters of Osteopathy and has experience working in a busy London clinic.

Chris’s interest in human movements began in his teenage years competing in athletics, cycling and triathlons.  Chris took this interest to university initially studying Human movements and psychology, but it was his passion for food that led him to defer these studies and begin his career as a chef.  After working in restaurants in Brisbane, Chris travelled to London to further his cheffing career.  What was intended to be a two year working holiday turned into a ten year career and life change, with Chris returning to Australia in 2014 with his wife and young son.

Chris has a structural and direct approach to treatment using the techniques of soft tissue massage, manipulation and myofascial release to restore balance to your body.  Chris has a passion for learning about people and providing long lasting solutions to their physical problems, freeing them from complex pain and fully optimizing their physical potential.